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Skydive 7W formation over Algarve – Learn Formation Skydiving – Get FS1 sticker – Get USPA A license - The Skydiving Therapist

Learn Formation Skydiving

Get required skills to skydive with other people

Formation Skydiving – Skydiver practicing a Dive Exit - Learn to Skydive in Portugal – FS1 Sticker – USPA A License - The Skydiving Therapist

What is Formation Skydiving?

Formation Skydiving (FS) is the art of flying in which two or more people link in freefall, holding onto grips or each other's limbs.

The discipline is executed either in the prone position (with belly-to-earth) or vertically (with either feet or head towards earth).

Learning the basics of formation skydiving in belly-to-earth orientation will give you a solid foundation to develop your skydiving career in a safer way.

Build your Skydiving Foundations

FS Training

FS training consists of one-on-one instruction with a focus on developing solid group freefall skills.

Safety is my number one priority. So, all learning process is driven bearing that in mind.​

The skydiver will develop the skills to be able to plan and execute a Formation Skydive.

The number of skydives needed to accomplish it ranges from as low as 3 skydives, usually achieved by tunnel rats, to an average of 10 skydives.

The training fulfills all the requirements for "BS" Skydivers to earn the FS1 sticker. 


FS Skills to be developed

  • Perform different types of exits 

(linked and not linked)

  • Control fall rate  

(slow and fast fall)

  • Control horizontal movement

(forward, backward, and sideways)

  • Turn in place

(discover the power of your legs)

  • Dock (grip) with other skydivers

  • Track away from a formation


  • Dive and approach a formation

  • Fly with a formation

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FS1 Sticker

USPA "A" License

Other Skydive licenses

Not a BS / USPA Skydiver?

The program can be customized to your needs.

What are you waiting for?

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