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Learn to Skydive

AFF - Accelerated Freefall

First day
ground course

What is AFF?

AFF, accelerated freefall, is a Skydiving training method where certified instructors accompany the student in freefall holding onto the student's harness. 

"It can be compared to learning to ride a bike with training wheels."

AFF - The best way to becoming a qualified skydiver

AFF Training

AFF training consists of a 6-8 hour ground course followed by a written test, and eight levels

After passing Level 7 you are allowed to jump on your own and start to work towards obtaining your skydiving license.

Since the student is wearing his own parachute, he must be trained to handle:

  • Equipment

  • Aircraft procedures

  • Freefall procedures

  • Canopy control

  • Landing procedures

  • Emergency procedures (aircraft, freefall, landing)

You will be briefed on skills to be achieved and debriefed on your performance every jump.


All jumps are filmed, and the free-of-charge footage is used to provide you feedback. 

The AFF Levels

You have tasks to do at every level to be able to advance to the next level. One level means one jump if you meet the requirements.

For smooth learning and safety, the levels are divided as:

Levels with two Instructors

L1 - Adaptation to the skydiving environment
L2 - Preparation for heading maintenance
L3 - Heading and hover maintenance


Levels with one instructor

L4 - Start and Stop turns
L5 - Start and Stop 360º turns
L6 & L7 - Controlled unassisted freefall performing:

  • Solo exit

  • Back Flips and/or Barrel Rolls

  • 360º turns

  • Tracking

  • Altitude awareness

  • Opening at the proper altitude

L8 – Solo unassisted jump below 5000 ft

Get a free edited video of your jumps

at the end of the course.

AFF - Learn to Skydive – AFF Level 7 – Student performing a dive exit on Level 7 over Algarve - Learn to Skydive in Portugal - The Skydiving Therapist

After passing Level 7 you are cleared to jump solo

Next step
Work towards obtaining your Skydiving License

Skydiving Licences

I will assist you for

the best results

throughout your journey


The main requirements to obtain the basic A license depend on the association you join:

Learn to Skydive with The Skydiving Therapist – Change your life – Skydive In Algarve – Skydive in Portugal – Skydive in Paradise - Get your Skydiving Qualifications in Algarve – FS1 Qualifying jump - BS A Licence - BS FS1 – USPA A License – FS1 Sticker – FS1 Qualification

Not a BS (British Skydiving) or a USPA Skydiver?

The program can be customized to your needs.

What are you waiting for?

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