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Skydiving Instructor & Coach
Portugal & Spain

The Skydiving Therapist - Skydive Instructor in Algarve

Come Skydive

with me


Skydiving is much more than jumping from airplanes.

"Skydiving is life-changing."

From your very first skydiving steps to a more advanced flight, I will be there to guide you, celebrate your achievements, and share my passion for this life-changing sport.


Passionate & Professional Skydiving Instruction

Formation Skydiving - Breakoff after a successful FS evaluation jump in Algarve – Earn FS1 qualification – Get FS1 Sticker - The Skydiving Therapist – Skydiving Instructor

Skydiving Coaching

Everyone is unique. I am committed to assisting my students, in a no-rush environment, to learn & improve their skydiving skills, by using tailor-made tools and coaching methods to suit their needs.

I am a full-time USPA, and FAI, rated skydiving instructor, but I am also able to coach my students towards their BS (British Skydiving) qualifications. 

Choose the Skydiving discipline to learn, and let me guide you towards the best results.

FS - Formation Skydiving



"It takes some time and effort to do things well. There is no shortcut.

You can achieve anything you want, so do not give up and enjoy the journey."


About me

I started skydiving in 1996 and I built my skydive knowledge with many professional & passionate skydivers, during trips to several drop zones around the world and by joining competitions.


In 2016 my hobby & passion became my main profession. Yes, I am one of the lucky ones that have a dream job.

I am from Brazil and I have a B.S. in Electronic Engineering. I’ve been living in the Algarve in Portugal since 2017 and already feel like a local.

My mission is to help people build their skydiving foundations, to connect skydivers with the skydiving community, and to improve safety in the sport.

A little-known fact about me - I am also a food lover and can guide you to discover the amazing cuisine of the Algarve.

The Skydiving Therapist – Skydiving Coach in Portugal – Skydive Instructor in the Algarve

What my students say about me


There's no better place to Skydive than right here

Sunset jump in Alvor Beach in the Algarve – Sunset Skydive – Beach landing in Alvor – Skydive in Portugal – The Skydiving Therapist


I'm based in Alvor, Algarve, Portugal, where the skydiving activities happen, and the sun shines for more than 300 days a year.




Algarve has one of the biggest skydiving operations in Europe and it is where all the action is going to take place.


Our fast airplanes will take you to 15K feet in the blink of your eyes while you enjoy the breath-taking views.

What are you waiting for?

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